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Not Me, Us. (Framed)

$120.00 / Sold Out

This print is now sold out. I may print more if there is enough interest.

Alternative stockists of this print in the US are Spoke Art, and in the UK, the creator Aled Lewis sells signed prints in his online store.

You are currently viewing the framed print option. The print price is $40, the frame $80 and shipping within the US is $45. For the unframed print ← click there.

  • Medium: 5 colour screen print
  • Stock: White stock
  • Dimensions: 24in x 18in
  • Edition: Time limited for campaign, numbered & stamped
  • Artist's Prints: Available from artist's store

  • Frame Dimensions: 19.25" x 25.25" x 1.25"
  • Frame colour: White
  • Frame Materials: Wooden
  • Frame Glazing: Clear acrylic glazing

Prints are fitted in the frame, not mounted and fixing on the rear mean the frame is ready to hang. Frames are shipped individually by Priority Mail.