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Bernie Posters was created in support of 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

I wanted to make stuff that might and encourage fundraising for Bernie Sanders' campaign and assist in spreading his his message.

Because of strict campaign finance rules, the proceeds of sales here cannot go to the campaign - so I have priced the prints as low as possible. Make no mistake - these are individually numbered, limited edition hand-made art prints. Donations start at 10 bucks, so if you pick up a print - maybe think about throwing $10 Bernie's way and help us hit the target of $2,700. If you buy multiple prints, why not send $10 per print? Just a suggestion ;)

Please note! You must be a U.S. citizen to donate. It is illegal for non-U.S. nationals to donate, so do not attempt to For full details of the terms of contribution, please see the Contribute! page.

This store is supporter-run and is not affiliated with the official campaign for Bernie Sanders 2016.